SOTG Scores: Mixed

Spirit points average per category

Team Rules Knowledge and Use Fouls and Body Contact Fair-mindedness Attitude and Self-Control Communication Total
MAS Mixed2.332.172.672.672.5012.33
PHI Mixed2.432.142.292.432.2911.57
AUS Mixed2.
NZL Mixed
THA Mixed2.002.002.332.502.1711.00
TPE Mixed1.832.002.002.502.0010.33
IND Mixed
IND Mixed 11.861.572.142.292.1410.00
KOR Mixed2.001.802.202.002.0010.00
JPN Mixed1.881.751.882.252.139.88
CHN Mixed1.631.751.882.132.139.50
Average of all games2.001.932.152.342.2210.64