NZL Mixed 1 (mixed)

 New Zealand

AOUGC 2019 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
3Natalyn Tiang7202
4Hannah Coombridge7224
5Janelle Simpson7101
6Sarah Jessica Chow7101
7Blake Rainey7336
8Jason Saw7202
9Grayson Lee7111223
12Leanne Saw7202
13Julia Forde7011
15Teia Sebire7000
19Leon Keefer7415
23Melody Yong7549
28Cammy Leung7213
31Noemie Huvelin7033
39Francis Kim7325
40Guy Rainey7011
48Hamish Forde77411
60Luke Humphries74610
61Ru-Yang Tan77613
74Colin Simpson7145
77Jordan Tan76915
99Eunice Ng7268

AOUGC 2019:

Division: Mixed

NZL Mixed 1 15 - 4 IND Mixed 2  Game play
NZL Mixed 1 15 - 1 THA Mixed  Game play
JPN Mixed 15 - 3 NZL Mixed 1  Game play
AUS Mixed 15 - 7 NZL Mixed 1  Game play
CHN Mixed 11 - 10 NZL Mixed 1  Game play
PHI Mixed 15 - 5 NZL Mixed 1 Q1  Game play
NZL Mixed 1 13 - 15 AUS Mixed S3  Game play
NZL Mixed 1   -   TPE Mixed 7th & 8th

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. Total
IND Mixed 22232312
THA Mixed2223312
JPN Mixed2222210
AUS Mixed2322211
CHN Mixed2223211
PHI Mixed2223211
AUS Mixed2223211

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. Total
IND Mixed 22223211
THA Mixed2222210
JPN Mixed2223211
AUS Mixed2232312
CHN Mixed112329
PHI Mixed2223211
AUS Mixed2222311